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Service Notice and COVID-19

Ace Carting News

All of the employees at Ace Carting live, work and play in the areas we serve. Watch this News section for updates on our community involvement and useful information on the proper placement of materials.


Inclement Weather Information

Ace Carting would like to say how grateful we are to serve you. Our #1 core value is safety. We strive to assure complete safety of our employees, customers and the public in all our operations. 

To meet these expectations, our drivers and managers are trained on multiple safety techniques and do have to occasionally make the hard decision to be unable to service areas due to inclement weather (which includes snow, ice, freezing rain, rain, mud, high winds, hail or extreme cold).

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Service Notice and COVID-19


Ace Carting is actively providing safe, reliable and essential sanitation services to new and current customers during this pandemic.

  • Our office is temporarily closed to walk-in traffic.
  • For the fastest service, please email us or Request a Quote.
  • Please visit the Pay Bill page to learn all the bill pay options.

For everyone's safety bag all trash, tie, place in container & close lid. Place all recycling loose in container & close lid. Effective March 16, 2020, materials that do not fit inside the container will not be picked up.

Thank you for your business.

A message regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Battery Dangers and Safe Disposal

Most of us are so familiar and comfortable with batteries and our mobile devices we do not realize they can be very dangerous -- to us, our loved ones, our neighbors and our communities.

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Winter Service Tips for Business Customers

At Ace Carting we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible, however, rain, snow and wind can impact our ability to safely serve you.  When we experience bad weather, please be patient with us.

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Eight Ways to Use Silica Gel Packets

Have you ever wondered why you find those tiny little packets labeled “Throw Away” and “Do Not Eat” when you purchase items such as a purse, shoes, or even food? While they may seem annoying or wasteful when you find them in a shoe box or at the bottom of your purse, these little packets actually serve an important purpose and can also be repurposed. These little packets contain a substance known as silica gel and they are very effective at reducing moisture and humidity within a small space.

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Useful Tools for Residential Customers

Ace Carting recently launched two useful tools to help their residential customers.  Both tools are located on the new SCHEDULE page.

  • My Schedule - Residents can enter their address and view their collection schedule.
  • Waste Wizard - Residents can look up waste items and learn if they are acceptable in residential collection containers.

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Paperless Billing Reduces Clutter

If you’re currently receiving paper monthly invoices, but you’d prefer electronic delivery instead, then you should consider signing up for our online bill pay. Not only is it better for the environment, but it will also reduce clutter.

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Ace Carting Supports Local Communities

Ace Carting has been part of the Northeastern New York and Rutland County, Vermont, communities since 2002 and takes pride in being a part of the activities, events and organizations that make these communities special.

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