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What if I have extra trash or bulk items or need a special pickup?

Please call our office at 518-798-3444, additional fees may apply.

What do I do if I’m going on vacation?

Before you go, call 518-798-3444 to learn if or how your bill will be affected.

Does Ace provide roll-off containers for home construction projects?

Yes we do. Please call us and we’ll help you determine the right size and confirm the delivery date.

SSR (Single Stream Recycling)

What is Single Stream Recycling (SSR)?

Ace Carting’s Single Stream Recycling (SSR) service allows you to put paper, glass, cans, cardboard, plastics, and other approved recyclable materials in a single recycling bin for collection. SSR has proven to be an effective way to increase recycling in communities and decrease the amount of recyclable material that ends up in landfills.

How does Single Stream Recycling benefit communities?

It encourages people to recycle more, and that’s a clear, community-wide environmental benefit. As more dual-purpose trucks are phased in, all trash and recycling will be picked up by a single truck, reducing our carbon footprint with fewer trucks on the roads, less fuel consumption, and decreased carbon emissions.

Does anyone else offer Single Stream Recycling?

No, Ace Carting is the first and only company to launch an SSR initiative of this scale. We’re a company with a deep commitment to our community, and we know SSR is the best way to recycle. That’s why we’re investing more than $14 million in new green-topped recycling containers, new SSR collection trucks, and a state-of-the-art processing facility.

Who qualifies for Single Stream Recycling?

Single Stream Recycling is available for both residential and commercial customers.

Is there a fee for the new Single Stream Recycling service and green-topped recycling container?

No, it’s free to residential customers.

How often will my recyclables be picked up?

Residential recyclables will be collected every week, on the same day as your regular trash collection. Commercial customers will receive service as often as your business needs.

Can I put shredded paper in the recycling container?

Yes, if the shredded paper is first placed inside a paper or plastic bag before going into the new SSR green-topped recycling container. Make sure the bags are secured at the top so the shredded paper doesn’t come loose.

Can I put small metal pieces in the recycling container?


Can I include Styrofoam in my recycling?

Styrofoam does not currently qualify as a SSR acceptable item.

What can I place in my recycling container?

Acceptable items include:

  • paper (such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone books and cereal boxes)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles and jugs with the recyclable symbol (1-7)
  • aluminum cans and milk and juice cartons

Do I have to recycle?

Recycling is strongly recommended. It is good for the environment and our communities -- and with the addition of SSR, it’s now very convenient.

Where can I find out more?

Contact Ace Carting at 518-798-3444 to speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives.