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Posts for September 2019

Eight Ways to Use Silica Gel Packets

Have you ever wondered why you find those tiny little packets labeled “Throw Away” and “Do Not Eat” when you purchase items such as a purse, shoes, or even food? While they may seem annoying or wasteful when you find them in a shoe box or at the bottom of your purse, these little packets actually serve an important purpose and can also be repurposed. These little packets contain a substance known as silica gel and they are very effective at reducing moisture and humidity within a small space.

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Useful Tools for Residential Customers

Ace Carting recently launched two useful tools to help their residential customers.  Both tools are located on the new SCHEDULE page.

  • My Schedule - Residents can enter their address and view their collection schedule.
  • Waste Wizard - Residents can look up waste items and learn if they are acceptable in residential collection containers.

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